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  • Fine ground fabric embroidered with coloured silks in cross stitch. Zigzag border with stylized flowers. Verse in central compartment outlined with floral motifs, with flowering tree motif above, flanked by two woolwork style peacocks in landscapes. Below: woolwork style motif of spaniel on cushion, flanked by floral motifs, crowns and stars with floral wreath below containing maker's name and date.

Sweet is the day of holy rest
To earthly pilgrims given
A day for which the Lord is blest
By those who live for heaven
And when this tabernacle stands
No more beneath the sky
We have in heaven not made with
Hands one for eternity
Mary Evans March 1 1848

62 x 55 cm
Sampler, made in Aberaeron, 1848
  • Linen ground embroidered with coloured silks in cross stitch. Narrow zigzag border.

At top: five horizontal rows separated by ornamental lines containing the alphabet in upper and lower case and numerals 1 to 9 twice. Below: verse and maker's inscription, place and date, with several scattered motifs, including hearts, crowns, fleur de lis and a tree; maker's name (unfinished) repeated at foot.

Jane Lloyd
Aged 12
Cardigan June 10 1839
The lilies of the field
That quickly fade aw[-]
ay may well to us a lesson
yield who die as soon as
A B J Lloy[d]

35.5 x 21.4 cm
Sampler (alphabet & verse), made in Cardigan, 1839
  • Miniature sampler. Woollen canvas ground, embroidered with green silk in cross and four-sided stitches. Narrow chain border.

Upper half: upper case alphabet, ampersand and numerals 1 to 3, followed by lower case alphabet and numerals 1 to 16, arranged in five horizontal rows separated by zigzag and straight lines. Below: maker's name, place and date.

Mary Mathias
Cardigan May 4

11.5 x 10.2 cm
Sampler (alphabet), made in Cardigan, 1840
  • Fine ground fabric embroidered with blue, yellow and pink silks in cross stitch.

From top: four bands of geometric motifs and wavy lines; five rows containing upper and lower case alphabets and numerals 1 to 20, line infilled with wavy lines; compartment outlined by irregular line, containing Lord's Prayer, flanked at top by detached motifs including crowns, heart, cross and the words Dukes and Princes. Below: maker's inscription and date in two lines, followed by two line verse. Frame not contemporary.

Our Father
Which art in Heaven...[continues with Lord's prayer]
Alicia Gratiana Jones her Work in the
Ten year of her age October 29 1799
O spare me that I may recover my
strength before I go hence & be no more

55 x  33 cm
Sampler (alphabet, motifs & Biblical verse), made in Aberaeron, 1799
  • A big Georgian style house dominates this large sampler.  It is flanked by two straight lines of trees with birds.  The sampler border is of the acorn and oak leaf pattern, and there are other flower and tree designs scattered over it.  The embroidered verse reads: 'For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved we have a building of God an house not made with hands eternal in the heavens.  For we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ that every one may receive the things done in his body according to that he hath done whether it be good or bad.'  The Tree of Knowledge and figures of Adam and Eve are embroidered beneath the text.  The sampler is inscribed 'Mary Lewis / work in the 13 / year of her age / July 2, 1834'.  The words 'Miss' and 'Hughes's School' are embroidered on either side, at the bottom of the sampler.  Embroidered in cross stitch, in coloured silks and cottons, on fine linen.  Dimensions: 58cm x 55cm.
Sampler made by Mary Lewis, 2 July 1834
  • The centre of this sampler is embroidered with a large, grey school building.  Underneath this building are the words ' A Representation of the National / School, Newchurch'.  A verse is embroidered across the top of the sampler:  'As plants while tender bed which you please / And are though crooked first made straight with ease / Yet if those plants to their full stature grow / Irregular they'll break as soon as bow / So youth set right at first with ease go on / And each new task is with new pleasure done / But if neglected till they grow in years / And each fond  mother her dear darling spares / Error becomes habitual and we find / Tis then hard labour to reform the mind.'  Animals and trees, and a running border are also embroidered on this sampler.  The maker has recorded her details beneath the building:  'The above was worked by Ann Stott, daughter of John and / Sarah Stott Sexton of St. Nicholas Church Newchurch at the / above school in the 13 year of her age.'  Embroidered in cross stitch and satin stitch in coloured silks on linen.  Dimensions: 59cm x 60 cm.
Sampler made by Ann Stott, Newchurch, Carmarthen, c. 1850