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Religious poetry by the Rev. Williams Williams, Pantycelyn, page 1 of 56

Religious poetry by the Rev. Williams Williams, Pantycelyn, page 1 of 56
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This item comes from: The National Library of Wales (Item reference: NLW MS77A).  If you would like to see the original item, or require information regarding copyright, please contact the repository/contributor named above.

This is a fragment of a work by the Rev. William Williams, Pantycelyn (1717-1791). It is in the author's writing and does not seem to have been published.

'Williams Pantycelyn' was born in Cefn-coed, near Llandovery in the parish of Llanfair-ar-y-bryn, Carmarthenshire. He was educated at Llwyn-llwyd Academy with a view to becoming a doctor. However, after hearing Howell Harris (1714-1773) preaching at Talgarth, Williams was immediately converted. He joined the Established Church and was ordained deacon in 1740. He later devoted all his energies to the Methodist movement and became one of its leading figures in Wales. Following his marriage in 1748 he went to live at his mother's old home, Pantycelyn, in his native parish. Williams is regarded as one of the most important and popular hymn-writers in Wales. He wrote over 800 hymns, many of which are still sung today. He was also a poet and writer of prose. He died in 1791 and was buried at the church of Llanfair-ar-y-bryn, Llandovery.

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