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Croeso i Gasglu'r Tlysau.

Mae'r wefan yn cynnwys dros 20,000 o ddelweddau o wrthrychau, llyfrau, llythyrau, awyrluniau ac eitemau eraill o amgueddfeydd, llyfrgelloedd ac archifdai yng Nghymru.

Papurau yn ymwneud ag addysg yn Sir Gaerfyrddin a gorllewin Morgannwg, 12 Mai 1847 [tudalen 2 o 7]

Papurau yn ymwneud ag addysg yn Sir Gaerfyrddin a gorllewin Morgannwg, 12 Mai 1847 [tudalen 2 o 7]
Edrychwch ar ddelwedd fwy

Daw'r eitem hon o: Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru (Cyfeirnod yr eitem: NLW MS 14590E 82).  Os hoffech weld yr eitem wreiddiol, neu os oes gennych ymholiad ynglŷn â hawlfraint, cysylltwch â'r sefydliad/cyfrannwr a enwir uchod.


'Inquiry into Education in Wales.

1. Are you acquainted with the condition of the mining & manufacturing population of any part of Carmarthenshire or Glamorganshire? - In Carmarthenshire & the western part of Glamorganshire I am.

2. State your opinion of it under the following heads: 2. as under -

(a) Domestic accommodation: The iron & coppermen, a better class of workmen are generally well provided with as many necessaries & comforts as their condition in life wd. exhibit where to, receiving similar wages in any part of England - many live in their own houses; generally the back accommodations are not as well arranged as might be & this more particularly applies to old houses. Gardens are small as the men seem to have no taste for any description of Horticulture. The Potatoes are raised on the farms in the neighbourhood & the cultivation carried on by the women & children. The colliers are a degree worse in every particular; receiving less wages. A few Staffordshire potters have lately introduced a tack for Gardening which is likely to be copied by the Welsh. Windows are not often opened but as large fires are kept with their allowances of coal the door always open ventilates the appartments.

(b) Sobriety: As regards sobriety all classes are & much of this improvement may be attributed to the efforts of the Teetotallers.

(c) Providence & economy: The farmers & Agricultural Labourers are provident & economical but the average of the other classes are not so ...'

Cyfeirnod Casglu'r Tlysau: GTJ25457

Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru

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