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Owen Ashton's First World War letters

A group of letters sent by Owen Ashton from France to his family in Llawryglyn, near Llanidloes, during the First World War.

Owen Ashton's First World War letters
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Owen Ashton from Chapel House in Llawryglyn, was called up to serve in the First World War in 1916, and seems to have gone to France in 1917. This group of letters were sent home by him between 1916 and 1919. At first, they are written in Welsh, but once in France, the demands of the censor mean that he had to write in English.

In many of these letters, Owen express his feelings about his situation

"them men that is keeping this war on ought to come and stand in these places, and [see] what we have to go through for few minutes to see how would they like it"

Owen survived the war and returned to Llawryglyn where he lived until his death in 1963.



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