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Fox hunting

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Fox hunting

Fox hunting is an activity which involves the tracking, chasing and usually the killing of a fox by hounds, followed by a group of followers on foot or on horseback.  Considered by some a necessity and by others as a sport, fox hunting became a topic of intense debate during the late twentieth century.

People have hunted since the beginning of time and in Britain it was considered a part of rural life.  Many saw it as vital for conservation and pest control.  The prominence of tradition and ceremony, such as the use of hunting horns and the wearing of uniform caused opponents to claim that hunting was an anachronism.  Towards the end of the twentieth century, protesters became increasingly vocal in seeking its prohibition, describing the activity as unnecessary and cruel.  Despite the protests of pro-hunt lobbyists in November 2004 an Act of Parliament was passed and, on 18 February 2005, hunting with dogs was banned in Britain.

The ban ended a centuries-old tradition; the Anglesey hunt boasts the title of being the oldest hunt in Britain, its earliest minute book dating back to 1757. The hunting of foxes, and other prey, continues in Britain without the use of packs of hounds.