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Montgomery Ladies Hockey Team, c. 1909

The modern form of hockey originated in southern England in the 1880s, and it owes much of its popularity overseas to the British Empire.  The first hockey club in Wales was formed in Rhyl in 1885 and it was there that the first international match was played in 1895 between Wales and Ireland (Ireland won 3-0).

The Welsh Hockey Society was founded in 1897 and the Welsh Women's Hockey Society in 1898.  Prejudices were held against women’s hockey at first, but attitudes changed with time and it came to be seen increasingly as a women’s sport, primarily due to it being played by girls in schools.

Hockey became an Olympic sport in 1908, and Wales won the bronze medal in its first Olympic Games.  However, Welsh hockey was at its best the 1960s and 1970s.  In 1963 the women's team became the first to beat England at Wembley and the men's team beat England for the first time in 1973 and won the Triple Crown.  Two of Wales's most famous players, Anne Ellis and Austin Savage, played during this period.

The Welsh Hockey Society and the Welsh Women's Hockey Society were united in 1995 to become the Welsh Hockey Union.



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